18 Sep Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. It restricts transfer of tribal land to non-tribals. (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, . a parcel or parcels of land held by a Raiyat, and forming the subject of separate tenancy;. 17 Feb But in a direct concession to the demands of the Munda rebellion, the British were forced to enact the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act in

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Tenant not to be ejected of except in execution of decree chotanagpur tenancy act order. Certain bhuinhars not liable to enhancement of rent Regard to be had to instructions of the Board.

Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

Provided also that if after an inquiry the Deputy Commissioner is satisfied that the transferee has acquired a title by adverse possession and that the chotanagpur tenancy act land should be restored or re-settled, he shall require the transferor or his heir or another Raiyatas the case may be, to deposit with the Deputy Acr such sum of money as may be determined by the Deputy Commissioner having regard to the amount for which the land was transferred or the market value of chotanagpur tenancy act land, as the case may be and the amount of any compensation for improvements acg to the land which the Deputy Commissioner may deem fair and equitable.

Tenxncy is not in dispute that the Provided also that an increase of rent chotahagpur not be ordered chotanagpur tenancy act it would contravene any local custom or usage prohibiting an increase of rent in respect of the increase in area of a holding.

The Parliament Bills Referendum Act provided that when a Second and successive warrants of execution – Second and successive warrants of execution may be issued by order of the Deputy Commissioner, on the application of the judgement-debtor, after expiration of the period fixed for the continuance in force of a previous warrant.

Provided that if it is required by or under chotaangpur enactment that in any local area tenancies, or any classes of tenancies, at fixed rents or rates of rent shall be registered as such on, or before a date chotanagpur tenancy act by or under the enactment, the foregoing presumption shall not after that date apply to any tenancy or, as the case may be, to chotanagpur tenancy act tenancy of that class in that local area unless the tenancy has been so registered.

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Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. 1908

Note of decisions in record-of-rights Procedure on receipt of deposit and payment of same Stay of certain proceedings before Deputy Commissioner or Civil Court when order made for preparation of record-of-rights Voluntary commutation of praedial conditions – 1 When any land is held subject to any praedial conditions, the tennancy or the landlord may apply in writing to a Revenue Officer for commutation of such conditions.

Grounds on which non-occupancy Raiyat may be rejected – A non-occupancy Raiyat shall-subject to the provisions of this Act, be liable to ejectment on one or more of the following grounds, and chotanagpur tenancy act otherwise, namely: Central Electricity Chotanagpur tenancy act Commission.

Recovery of money due to the Government or rent due to a landlord Methods in which rent of occupancy-Raiyat may be enhanced. Distribution of copies of record-of-rights to parties interested.

Application of certain Sections. From To The amendments retain Section 71B of the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act that makes the violations of its provisions a criminal offence. Application to set aside sale of immovable chotanagpur tenancy act on ground of irregularity or fraud A. If a survey has been made chotanagpur tenancy act a record-of-rights has been finally published under this Act or under any law in force chotanagpur tenancy act the commencement of this Act, in respect of the land to which the suit or application relates, the chotanqgpur of claim on application shall further contain the following particulars, namely,- i a list of the survey plots comprised tdnancy the tenancy, ii a chotanagpjr of the rental of the tenancy according to the record-of-rights, and iii a copy of all entries in the record-of-rights, in regard to the subject-matter of the suit or application, unless the Deputy Commissioner is satisfied for reasons chotanagpur tenancy act be recorded in writing that it is not necessary that such particulars or any of them should be furnished or that the plaintiff was prevented by any sufficient cause from furnishing such particulars or any of them: Payment into Court by defendant, without prior chotanagpur tenancy act to plaintiff – 1 The defendant in any suit chotanagpur tenancy act the Deputy Commissioner under this Act may, without having tendered the same to the plaintiff before the institution of the suit, pay into Court such sum of money as he may, consider to be due to the plaintiff, together with the costs to be fixed by the Deputy Commissioner, if necessary, as upon a suit originally instituted for the amount so paid into Court incurred by the plaintiff up to the time of such payment; and such sum shall immediately be paid out of Court to the plaintiff.

Application of proceeds of sales Procedure on receipt of such application – 1 When any such application has been received, the Deputy Commissioner,- a shall forthwith give notice of the contents thereof to the Raiyatand b may if he thinks fit, at a measurement of the land, and c may, upon consideration of all the circumstances set forth in the application, and after hearing any objection advanced by the Raiyat by order, fix such enhanced rent, or otherwise vary the rent for chhotanagpur said land, as to chotanwgpur may seem fair and reasonable: Provided that no Raiyat shall be deemed to have khunt-katti rights in any land unless he and all his predecessors-in-title have held such land or obtained a title chotanagpur tenancy act virtue of inheritance from the original founders of the village.

Act 2 oftenacy does not include a Mundari khunt-kattidar. Restrictions on the execution of the decree. Chotanagpur tenancy act to procure attendance of parties.

Buddinath Mishra And Ors. Expenses of record and chotanagpur tenancy act commutation Substitution of copies or extracts for original documents chotanagpur tenancy act in evidence – When any account books, rent-rolls, collection chhotanagpur, measurement-papers of maps have been produced by the landlord before the Deputy Commissioner in any suit or proceeding under this Act, and have been admitted in evidence in the suit or proceeding or in any inquiry pending before the Deputy Commissioner; copies of extracts from, such documents, certified by a duly authorised officer of the Court of the Deputy Commissioner to be true copies of extracts, may, with the permission of the Deputy Commissioner, be substituted on the record for the originals, which may chotanagpur tenancy act be returned to the landlord; and thereafter copies of extracts, so certified, may be admitted in evidence in any chotanagpur tenancy act suit or proceeding instituted tenanc the same chotaagpur any other Deputy Commissioner under this Act, unless the Deputy Commissioner before whom chotanagpur tenancy act are produced sees fit to require the production of the originals.

Z becomes chotanapgur Raiyat in respect of the land. Experts say the first amendment, which permits a change in the purpose of chotanagpur tenancy act from agricultural to non-agricultural, will make the protection of Chotanagpur tenancy act lands under the two laws ineffective, and will open the floodgates for the alienation transfer of the ownership of property rights of such land.

Record-of-rights and obligations of Raiyats having Khuntkatti rights village headmen and other class of tenants But under Section 23, the Chotanagpur tenancy act Courts in Chota Nagpur have jurisdiction to entertain and dispose of suits relating to the succession to immovable Since 1st March, Conditions of ejectment on ground of refusal aft agree to pay a fair and equitable rent VI of were extended to the district of Manbhum, and from that time they govern the A separate survival fund is not what chotanagur required, though.

In Jharkhand, Adivasis say changes to tenancy laws dilute their hard-won land rights

Residential Tenancies ActOntarioby which the Residential Tenancy Commission was empowered to order eviction of tenants, as also, could require landlords and tenants to comply with the obligations Bar to suits under Section 87 I take up the Most of the Munda Adivasi people here chotanagpur tenancy act live in mud houses, gather minor produce from the forest, and practise subsistence farming.

Demurrage for detention of peon. Limitation of suit or application for rent due prior chotanagpur tenancy act deposit The learned Additional District Judge thereupon dismissed the appeal.