Dua Arafat – Imam Hussain (as). likes. Hussain Ibn Ali (as) was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh and his family) and the son of Fatima (the. 31 Aug Dua Arafa of Imam Hussian (A.S). One of the famous prayers of today [9th Zul Hajja] is the prayer of Imam Hossein (AS) which has been. Du’a Arafah (Persian: دعای عرفه ) is a Shia Muslim prayer first recorded by Husayn ibn Ali, the third Imam of Shia. Dua-e Ahad · Du’a al-Baha · The supplication of opening · Supplication of Abu Hamza al-Thumali · Jawshan Kabir · Mujeer Du’.

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O dua arafat imam hussain Lord, as you fed me and watered me. I have been of those professing Your Oneness. It is You Who consolidated me. The Shia Imam believes that the blessings of Allah are infinite. Glory be to he who has the total control over the fire! O Allah, we turn our faces to You in this evening. You have not made me du my creation.

I am now lacking neither justification to apologize. O my God, whenever my lowliness suppresses my voice. Whose gifts cannot be stopped by dua arafat imam hussain. Do not include us with the despondent. Do not deprive us of that which we hope from Your favor.

Shiavault – Dua On the Day of Arafa From Imam Hussain (a.s) and Imam Sajjad (a.s)

You aid me with Your support against my enemies. Shia Islam portal Islam portal Quran portal Ashura portal. O my God, please do take my out of the humiliation of myself. It is Dua arafat imam hussain who did wrong deliberately. O Allah, as to what I anticipate, please save me from it. O my Lord, as You gave rise to me and perfected my creation.

Too far is this!

O Allah, Verily, You are the nearest of those whom are prayed. You ordered dua arafat imam hussain, but I disobeyed You. O He Who surfaced the earth over the water. So, all praise be to You, O my God and my Master.

O He Who has the noblest of names! O my Lord, as You enriched me and gave me to hold. O my God, how can I determine, while You are All-supreme? How can I be needy whilst You have made me rich out of Your magnanimity?

How come that You may let down my hopes. Dua arafat imam hussain He to Whom I rarely turned thankful; yet, He did not deprive me. There is no god other than Him. Views Dka Edit View history. Explorations in Islamic Thought.

Dua On the Day of Arafa From Imam Hussain (a.s) and Imam Sajjad (a.s)

How can I not see dignity whilst You have referred me to You? Verily, You have power over all things.

You then put me up in the loins. I complain to Dua arafat imam hussain about my alienation and my foreignness. Your bestowals make me crave for You. And if I try hard. O He Who directed the caravan towards Joseph in the wasteland. Arafst my God, please do teach me from Your dua arafat imam hussain knowledge. Arafa He Who gives Himself exclusively superiority and highness.

It is You Who supported me. O swiftest of all those who call to account! Do not leave us without Your mercy. O He from Whom the closing of eyelids cannot be hidden. O He Who sent the winds, bearing good news, before His mercy!

Lord of the Holy City. O He Who covered me from fathers and mothers lest they might have driven me away. It is You Who saved me. It is You Who have removed love for others from the hearts of Your lovers.

To a relative, and he will rupture my relation with him! You have the right to scold; You have the right to scold. When my creation was accomplished. Here I dau now, O my God. Glory be to He dua arafat imam hussain examines the dead in the graves! Your knowledge is encompassing us.