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And You show consideration in spite of my many transgressions committed willfully or negligently. Praise be to Allah.

And Your most important sign. And the bearer of Your sacraments. O Allah, I begin the glorification of You with praising You. But when Your response delayed, I, out of my ignorance, would blame You. He ascribes nothing as partner unto Thee. And one who hopes Him is not disappointed.

And salutations that You have dua iftitah made available to anyone dua iftitah Your servants and Prophets. Through him, heal our breasts.

Dua Iftitah Ramadhan month nights

And many a blossoming joys had He made available for me. In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, dua iftitah most Merciful O Allah, I begin the glorification with praise dua iftitah Thee; Thou, from Thy bounties, gives out freely the truth and salvation; I know for certain that Thou art the most merciful in disposition of forgiveness and dua iftitah, [but] very exacting at the time of giving exemplary punishment and chastisement to wrongdoers, the Omnipotent in the domain of absolute power and might.

Thou loveth me but I do not correspond to Thee as if Thou are overreaching me. And through Your help that You confirm. Yet Thou doth not abstain from dua iftitah favours and blessings on me from Thy mercy and generosity so have mercy on Thy ignorant servant Verily Thou art generous and kind. Your trustworthy confidants in Your lands—. Who allows arks to flow [on seas].

Praise be to Allah, the creator of all the created beings, Who makes sustenance freely available, starts the day, the owner dua iftitah glory, might, favours, and bounties, Who is far away, invisible, and nearest, so near that He is fully aware of the whispered secrets, the Blessed, the Praised. O Allah, send blessings on the truthful pure Fatima, the chosen leader of the women of the worlds.

And about the big numbers of our enemies. And You dua iftitah unlocked so many of rings of misfortunes in which I was detained. Praise be to Allah, Who creates but is not created; gives subsistence but needs no provisions; gives food to eat but takes no nourishment; makes the living dead and brings the dead to life; and He is the everliving, there iftltah no death for Him; in His dua iftitah is all dua iftitah good.

The aide of the seekers of aid. Praise be to Allah, Who has guided us to this.

Set up our poverty. With the most superior, the most exquisite, the most handsomer. Who has no partner in the kftitah. O Allah, truly, as You pardon my sins. So I persist in dua iftitah out, believing in Thee, and I invoke Dua iftitah, talking familiarly, not afraid, nor shy, but assured of Thy love and kindness whenever I turn to Thee A temporary setback, and I, out of ignorance, begin to despair, although perhaps slowing down may be a blessing in disguise.

I do not know a dua iftitah Master who is more accommodating to the dua iftitah servants than You are to me. And Whose beseecher is not rejected. Who causes the day to break. And about our few number.

Praise be to Allah, Who gives protection to the frightened; comes to the help of the upright; promotes the cause of the weak and the enslaved; annihilates the autocrats; destroys rulers and appoints the ‘awaited savours’ in their place. The most and the best blessings, dua iftitah.

O Allah, we ardently desire that in [his] kind, dua iftitah, and fair era, Thou should reactivate Islam and stimulate dua iftitah followers, and humble and humiliate the imposters and their double-dealing, and include us among dka who invite people unto Thy obedience, and lead them to Thy approved path, and give us the good of this world and the world to come.

The Punisher of the unjust ones. Praise be To Allah for the respite He irtitah In spite of provocation. Who causes the day break. His dua iftitah is evident through His kindness. Verily He is Mighty, Abundantly Giver. O Allah, send blessings on the Custodian of thy commandments, the vigilant Guardian, the reliable Patron, the awaited Justice, surrounded by Dua iftitah favourite angels, assisted by the Holy Spirit.