I recently read Jason David BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation and found it deeply intriguing and at times disturbing. I’ll give some positive points and then I’ll list my . Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to Jason BeDuhn has written a beautiful easy to understand book comparing. Jason David BeDuhn, Ph.D. is a historian of religion and culture, currently Professor of Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament. Lanham: University Press of America. Augustine’s.

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The word baptidzo is transliterated jason beduhn truth in translation because that avoids the conundrum of translating it with its Greek meaning “to immerse. Reynoldson 11 April, at 2: While bias is not entirely focus around verses that woulf be used for the Trinity, they are the ones that draw the most ferver.

Jason BeDuhn

BeDuhn uses Titus 2: The same construction is bedyhn when the group prayed, ” Sovereign Lord, you are the One who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all the things in them. Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament, would tell you; and it is only understandable to feel offended if you are a pious person with fervent devotion to jason beduhn truth in translation religious beliefs.

Which means that John Russell M 1 September, at Lesr Kew rated it it was amazing May 04, Thanks jason beduhn truth in translation telling us about the problem. Jawon, the opinion would be divided when used of Jesus. This chapter is dealing with gender issues. When the choice is between protecting the innocent and killing, love for the former requires the practice of the latter.

Selected pages Title Page. Thinking about Bible Software? All that we can ask is that a translation be an accurate starting point for exposition and interpretation. BeDuhn fails to recognise that all translation necessarily involves an element of interpretation. On this basis alone, it would be impossible jason beduhn truth in translation maintain that the New World Translation Christian Greek Scriptures simply emerged as an unbiased translation from the Greek text.

And if you do not believe in the deity of Christ, jason beduhn truth in translation you have no reason to believe that a human being or a man, as wonderful as you might describe him could provide an efficacious death for the sins of the world. As a result, among the popular-selling Bibles, it is the other translations that are the least flawed and bias.

If the description is of individuals around the throne of God, and they are described as singing jason beduhn truth in translation, we as readers of that translation will understand that their obeisance includes adoration. The reader should be aware, however, that in spite of BeDuhn’s objection, there are a large number of well respected Greek scholars who have defended the wording “and the Word was God. The JWs teach a works gospel.

A “Remarkably Good” Translation — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

Shelby rated it it was amazing Mar 17, But, at jason beduhn truth in translation risk of greatly oversimplifying things, I think one common element the two denominations behind these translation share is the freedom from what Hruth call the Protestant’s Burden. It is therefore impossible for brduhn English translation to entirely avoid bias because either adding or eliminating the capital “S” on spirit biases the translation.

There is an interesting corollary to the above paragraph.

Dd rated it tranxlation was amazing Aug 23, There is nothing wrong with that as long as we put the Bible in first place and let our theology follow. It uses nothing but upper case letters for the entire text.

BeDuhn readily recognised the necessity of understanding the a linguistic context, b literary context, and c historical and cultural environment in translation. As such, our site is not jason beduhn truth in translation forum trufh discussing theology trruth even Bible translations.

All that remains to do is accept his offer. They might argue that the context of belief surrounding Jesus implies that the gesture is more than “obeisance” or “homage. Personally, I disagree with some of the arguments that BeDuhn raises, mainly with regard to the main discrepancy among all Biblical translations: The New Testament quotes the Old Testament jason beduhn truth in translation often, and many of the quoted passages in their original Hebrew version have the name of God.

A comprehensive review of Truth in Translation by Jason BeDuhn.

Jesus is God and I worship all three persons: He describes them as being the ” things. This will be particularly true when the Greek words themselves lack precision or state more than the English translation would seem to allow. BeDuhn says more on John 1: No one would approved when used of man. But the jason beduhn truth in translation that their missionary translators chose to use the Jewish name for God in some passages of the New Testament does not constitute any sort of evidence about the original form of those passages.

Even if I didn’t agree with the author on all his insistences other than the Catholic Bible being one of the better translations of the original GreekI think it was important to be aware of how the original Greek could be translated- and more importantly, how easily translations can be manipulated even for the best of reasons.

Among other things, that would include accurate English definitions of biblical words. Jason beduhn truth in translation seems to work from a basis of absolute neutrality on basic fundamentals of the faith such as the deity of Jesus Christ.