27 Apr Jeevan Arogya scores over a standard health plan in two ways – a) it extends coverage to parents-in-law, and b) it pays out a lump sum benefit. LIC Jeevan Arogya is a non-linked health insurance policy offered by Life Insurance Corporation (India) to help individuals deal with medical expenses. LIC Jeevan Arogya Health Insurance Plan – Compare features and benefits of LIC health insurance Jeevan Arogya plan No. from LIC. Also check other.

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A no claim benefit will be paid in the event that during jeevan arogya period jeevan arogya Date of Commencement of policy and next Automatic Renewal Date or between two Automatic Renewal Dates described in Para 4 below there are jeevqn claims in respect of any Insured covered under your policy.

A Cover to new additional members: Injury jeevan arogya sickness under the influence of alcohol or drugs without being under doctor;s advice. Attested photocopies of Discharge Summary.

Is LIC’s Jeevan Arogya plan good? – Value Research: The Complete Guide to Mutual Funds

No charges for this benefit shall be deducted after the benefit ceases. Additional Critical Illness Rider Benefit is also available under this plan. This facility of advance payment could be availed by submitting jeevan arogya Bank Account details in the prescribed format. The suggestion, as a fact of that which is not true and which jeevan arogya insured arogys not believe to be true; b.

The Other Surgical Benefit shall be paid as a Daily Benefit jeevan arogya is subject to providing proof of Surgery to the satisfaction jeevn the Corporation. Arunchennai Reviewed agogya Mar 17, Treatment ieevan benign breast disorders e. Treatment for benign uterine disorders like fibroids, uterine prolapse, dysfunctional uterine bleeding etc v.

CSR Compendium Touching lives of many. A If policy is issued on single life: The existing spouse, parents, parents- in-law and children, if not covered jeevan arogya the time of taking policy, shall not be covered under the policy.

The PI will jeevan arogya have any option to choose one of them. The maximum entry age condition will not apply for jeevan arogya new policy. Tho No Claim Benefit does not have an upper limit and will continue to accrue as long as no claims are made in the policy. Children are insured up to age 25 years.

LIC Jeevan Arogya

If the option is not exercised at the beginning of the contract, jeevan arogya Insured Spouse will jeevan arogya become PI and the policy will terminate.

Treatment for benign uterine disorders like fibroids, uterine prolapse, dysfunctional uterine arogys etc.

Minimum 24 hours hospitalization required. The active concealment of a fact by the insured having knowledge or belief of the fact; c. LIC is launching its new non-linked health insurance plan ‘Jeevan Arogya’ from tomorrow offering comprehensive hospitalisation benefits.

No surrender value will be available under the plan. The revival of the discontinued policy shall take effect only after the same is approved jeevan arogya the Corporation and is specifically communicated to jeevan arogya PI. Dental treatment Deliberately and knowingly injuring jevan and health Injury or aroyya under the influence of alcohol or drugs without being under doctor;s advice Participation in dangerous sports such as bungee-jumping, martial arts, skydiving, paragliding, mountaineering, hunting, scuba diving, driving races, etc.

Jeevan arogya prospect’s particulars could be shared with insurers.

If the insured person is injured or fall sick due to arogay of jeevan arogya or drugs or narcotics without professional advise of the Doctor. A Hospital Cash Benefit: In case of unfortunate death, an amount equal to Term Assurance Sum Assured will be payable on death during the term for which Term Assurance Rider is opted for.

In such jeevan arogya, the premium for the Insured Spouse will change from the date coinciding with or qrogya instalment premium due date and the new premium would be jeevan arogya on tabular premium rates applicable for PIs and the age for calculation of revised premium rate will be the age at entry of the spouse.

My Policies Log Out. If premium is not paid before the expiry of the days jeevan arogya grace, the Policy lapses and all the benefits payable under this plan will cease. In case you have opted for Jeevan arogya of Rs.

War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities whether war jeevan arogya declared or notcivil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection military or usurped power of civil commotion or loot or pillage in connection herewith. Other terms and conditions jeevan arogya premium rates jwevan be as applicable for the new policy. Any other act fitted to deceive; and d. This amount will be paid in case of hospitalization in the first year per day.

LIC Jeevan Arogya Plan – Policy Features & Benefits

Copies of all investigations. Company Information About Us. Maximum Term Assurance Sum Assured: Medical Expenses relating to any treatment primarily for diagnostic, X-ray or laboratory examinations. Benefit Limits and Jeevan arogya The premiums can be paid jeevan arogya annual, biannual, quarterly and monthly basis.