9 Nov The coolness of her name plagues B. Damayanthi, along with the bunch of unsuitable prospective husbands her Amma throws at her and a. 6 Sep partnersuche frau frau ‘Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian’ ~~ Synopsis: B. Damayanthi lives with her parents in Chennai and works. 15 Apr Book Review: Keep The Change by Nirupama Subramaniam. Read Goodreads summary here. MY REVIEW: I wish I had read this years ago.

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Keep the Change

Maybe more than once, depending on your taste and what other options are available. It is really sad.

Apr 02, Shohita rated it liked it. Regular chick lit stuff. Jul 17, Cjange Sundaram rated it really liked it. Her roommate comes out and argues with Rahul and drives him away.

According to her women cannot be attractive and smart at the same time, I beg to differ.

Book Review of “Keep The Change” by Nirupama Subramanian | soniareviews

Barring her billowing cotton nighties, all traces of her former self are wiped clean, including the insecurities. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts keep the change by nirupama subramanian email. Keep the Change is a rollicking, wickedly witty story of every girl’s journey to fulfill her dreams and find her own place in the world.

I think that’s because they want to eventually have her emerge as a pretty thing later and it kinda happened nirupaja this book too.

We will get back to keep the change by nirupama subramanian shortly. It would definitely be a great read, given it is an easy read. Some of them hold the promise of maturing into renowned authors, some just try their hand at writing and some are just whiling away their time in trying to tthe some peculiar The book would have been better if written in first person-not in form of letters and would have been WAY better if the end was well formed and bit more elucidated, as the story forms well and it is quite abrupt in its finish.

Damayanthi, an accountant from Chennai, eventually moves to Mumbai to climb the ladder of success. Notify me when there is a new review. Worth a cursory glance. This site uses cookies. Been there done that! Feb 09, Nishant Jha rated it liked it. The story is written as a set of letters that the protagonist writes to a fictional character.

Sep 17, Rucha Anjaria rated it liked it. Not very central to the story. So after reading the blurb: Their manager promises that he will get them to present to their boss and if possible to their boss’s boss.

She is again cautioned by her mother to be careful while in Goa. He slowly relaxes in the presence of Jimmy and DB and makes very significant contributions in guiding the two juniors along their careers. Sep 01, Aparna Anand rated it it was ok. And yes, there is an keep the change by nirupama subramanian happy ending as well. When you click them and make a purchase, we get a commission for referring with no cost to you.

Subramankan leaves for Mumbai in hopes of making her dreams come true amidst much protest from her parents. Does she do everything she wanted to?

Recently I see a few authors raising this issue in their writing. This book is quirky, funny, relatable and witty. The coming to corporate world of a Tam Bram girl, Damayanti, born and sburamanian up in the confines of Amman Kovil Street in an orthodox Brahmin setup somewhere in Chennai.

Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian

There is nothing original. You are commenting using your WordPress. Not only was she living in another century she was full of stereotypes and prejudices.