5 Jul This project is a microcontroller based line follower robot by using ATmega8 development board from “ROBOGENISIS”. This development. Hi all, I am new here and about to make a debut in robotics with a simple line follower robot. I have chose AVR ATmega8 as my microcontroller because I found. 4 Oct Here is a simple line following robot circuit designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller. It can be used in industrial and defense applications.

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The schematic for line sensor array is given in this article. The electronics for the robot is kept as simple as possible. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. By mahendra – July 14, All these make it a perfect solution to make a clean line following robot.

Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

By raman – Usinh 16, I didnt know where i went wrong. By anil ninama – March 11, Avinash Post author Bro can you line follower robot using atmega8 on mail box. And how the bot behaves when we get a sharp 90 deg turn like sharp left turn in which sensor 1,2 and 3 are on line. Line Following Robot Kit. By manideep reddy allala atmegga8 February 20, 9: I don’t see how this should accomplish anything.

I have not made it win international competition and so it does not has super complex and messy codes! It would be very grateful of you Thanks.

Line Following Robot Board with AVR ATmega8 and L Motor Driver

Click here to register as an affiliate. Or may be you are not made for it! By nithya – January 23, Sir, would you please provide atmegw8 the library files.

Line Following Robot Board. Our line following robot board is a compact and line follower robot using atmega8 to use board to make a LFR.

By Avinash – November 15, By Jaimin – July 11, I am trying to build a Line follower robot using atmega8 which can park itself when both the infrared sensors detect black. To which pins you connected it to mcu. BTW after a long philosophy class here is the quick solution that you are every fool is looking is here! Avinash Sir can I use Atmega 16 in line follower robot using atmega8 of Atmega 8. By Ishaan – February 3, 3: This type of robot is run over a white surface which has an arbitrary path drawn over it by using back paint.

The IDE Integrated Development Environment that is a software suite that let you ribot, edit, compile,debug project and manage files in project. By Avinash – July 15, 5: Thursday, 5 July ATmega8 based line follower robot.

Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

Facing problem with your embedded, electronics or robotics project? I’ve made a track of black tape, and I’ve introduced 2 horizontal lines for the not to stop. By Avinash – May 27, 9: I don’t know line follower robot using atmega8 people don’t understand this.

Post as a guest Name.

If you are compiling with any optimization, the delay functions don’t work properly. By Avinash – January 3, 6: By python – October 8, By somesh – February 4, 1: