Flat Earth News has ratings and reviews. Nigel said: Well, this is cheerful stuff. Nick Davies, respected journalist, gives the lie to the noti. “Finally I was forced to admit that I work in a corrupted profession.’ When award- winning journalist Nick Davies decided to break Fleet Street’s unwritten rule by. 5 Feb Here’s a little example of what I call Flat Earth News. In June , Fleet Street told its readers about a gang of feral child bullies who had.

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The original questions about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were nick davies flat earth news into the sidings. Yet, for all of its many faults, I think this is an important book.

For instance, in Britain only the rich can sue for libel; everyone else has to seek remedy via the Press Complaints Commission, set up by the industry to regulate itself. High-minded journalists tend to dislike their grubby trade much more than nick davies flat earth news hate banking, say, or teachers teaching. It would be nice to say that this trend is only confined to the UK or the anglo-saxon media, but there’s enough signs that it also applies to the Netherlands.

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Davies’ account of what happened next has just now summer been published, under the title Hack Attack. Aug 09, Kimi rated it really liked it. Nick Davies is an unusual figure in British journalism, mainly because he has persisted in holding the admirable belief that reporting is the central task of the trade.

Therefore, leafing through “Flat Earth News” is a much more rewarding activity than nick davies flat earth news reading it from cover to cover.

Dus, ook hier werden leugens en verdraaiingen geschreven, bijv. I chose to listen to the Audio Book version to fit into my on-road activities So if you want to understand how we got here, this is a good place to start.

Davies traces the decline of old-fashioned journalistic practices and values and the rise of the new ‘churnalism,’ davied reproduces and rewrites PR copy without much in the way of checking or exploring or context. In the old days, at this point nic, the story, it would be time to Name the Guilty Men.

It is more intractable. A highly insightful nick davies flat earth news into how news, global and otherwise, has been distorted by the relentless quest for breaking news, and how cuts have weakened local news immensely.

He shows that there are no sacred cows and freely criticises his own, now former, bosses and sister paper. Well, nick davies flat earth news is cheerful stuff. Davies argues that by the establishment of media empires in the and s there started a trend towards rationalisation of news production.

Failures of the Fourth Estate

The suggestion, of course, completely misses the point that nobody has yet worked out how to make anywhere like the revenue from digital nick davies flat earth news as from print journalism, so there is no money to be reinvested. In many respects Flat-Earth News lays the ground-work for modern ‘news’ and explains clearly how we got to this place of political echo chambers, shareable garbage and click-bait.

Countries which neas spent next to nothing — Russia, for instance, whose government of million citizens spent less on the bug than British Airways — had no problems. When the poet laureate nick davies flat earth news to publish a poem, he files it to the Press Association. InCBS had three full-time correspondents in Rome alone: And much, much corrupt.

In other words, as a crude average, they have only one-third of the time that they used to davirs to do their jobs. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Journalists report much less than they used to, and much less than they should, as the papers have switched over to a reliance on columnists and opinion. But the evidence I found in researching nick davies flat earth news new book, Flat Earth News, suggests that our tendency to recycle ignorance is far worse than it was. I would highly recommend this book for anyone warth has any interest in current affairs, you will not regret it!

Introducing Flat Earth News – Nick Davies

Both recently left the paper, as did I. Is a photo of Kevin Rudd on the front page photoshopped to look like Adolf Hitler actually news? Fpat then, one wonders, do newspapers like Davies’s borrow so many of their stories from the red-top press? Not everything you read on your newspapers or see on your television is churnalism. Davies, informed by his knowledge of PR, even has a nick davies flat earth news angle on Alastair Campbell and the Kelly affair. His assaults are brilliantly argued, well reasoned and engaging.

I found it patronising, and a real struggle to get through. I know that journalists are expected to churn out multiple eatrh nick davies flat earth news day, and I know that most of what they write starts out as wire copy or press releases. Anywho as to the book itself, I absolutely loved it, while written quite densely and unapologetically thorough Flat-Earth News provides an excellent review and explanation of how and why news is so often warped, spun, biased and sometimes outright wrong.