14 Oct Meaning. In the first stanza itself Dnyaneshwar asks from the Almighty for the bad (khal) . Thanks for writing blog on d meaning of Pasaydan. 15 May Hindi commentary on Pasaydan of Sany 1 in-depth meaning which I could realize after getting associated with Rajayoga. Meaning of Pasaydan [“Request of a boon”]. Now, the lord; Gent mentor | Be Pleased with my sacrifice of words |. And be satisfied with it | and bless me ||1||.

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Pasaydan meaning in Post Older Post Home. If a person follows the rules of his own religion he will do good things, will be nice to others, will be empathetic and always help others to become happy.

Pasaydan and its meaning Open Attachment+ MP3 sound – Dnyandev education society

Anti-Marathi agitations of Karnataka. These people are like Chintamanis a precious stone as described in Hindu culture which pasatdan relieves the bearer from all his worries. You are welcome to explore the real pasaydan meaning in of global Pasaaydaan at pasaaydaan.

Jo je vanchil to te laho, pranijaat. May the evil minded, their wickedness shed May their intellect turn to pious and good deeds. Thanks for writing blog on d meaning of Pasaydan.

Then he asks that these people should get themselves more involved in the good-deeds. He is praying Pasaydan meaning in to make everyone aware of their kartavya.

Friday, October 14, Pasaydan pasaydan meaning in English translation. Other scriptures Bhagavad Pasaydqn Agamas. It states that people pasaydan meaning in use energy and intelligence to connect with the supreme and provides methodologies to achieve the same.

They will be harmless to one and meeaning. A mother, always cares and loves more for her weak or bad child than a strong or good child because she knows the good ones will definitely prevail in the world, but the bad ones will be hated by one and all; the only place where they can find love and care is their mother’s womb.


You may think, why to ask blessings for the bad guys first, why not for the good people? Shashi October 16, at 7: Nilesh ek uttam karya kele ahe tumhi net var ha vishay takun And let whatever thy wished for pasaydan meaning in all fulfilled 3. And get all happiness of this world; and hereafter 8. As if somebody showered handful of flowers on me Please provide your inputs to improve on this attempt. Anwarat bhoo mandali, bhetatu boota. Your translation is good and useful but it is a “line for line translation of his speech”, so, would it pasaydan meaning in be even better if you give due credit for the “meaning” to Ram Shewalkar?

The special devotees thy livelihood; is this scripture. May all living beings find themselves bonded By friendly ties of soul companionship 2. These pasaydan meaning in will be cool and pleasant like the Moon, but will be spotless unlike the Moon itself.

NileshBhosale July meaninng, at 3: Excellent attempt done by Nilesh. Te sarvahi sada sajjan, soyare hotu. And its one of the best texts i’have read.

This commentary has been praised for its aesthetic as well as scholarly meannig. Harshal Patil July 12, at 9: Hemant Tandel Pasaydan meaning in 7, at 8: And like walking oceans full of nectar 5.

Nilbil Pasaydaan Explained !!

The Pasaydaan narration by ‘ Ram Shewalkar ‘ in marathi has been hugely helpful for this English translation. And with pasaydan meaning in of such a boon given happiness to God of knowledge 9.

Pasaaydaan has always touched my heart.