Everyone in society knows that the marriage of Lord and Lady Hammond is an unhappy one. Everyone knows they have barely spoken to one another in over. 24 Jun This book, The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Guhrke, has a similar plot, but due to its different characters it is a very, very different book. It’s good. 28 May “The Marriage Bed,” by Laura Lee Guhrke. The Chick: Viola, Lady Hammond. As a young woman, she fell headlong in love with her new.

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The hero was just a man. I enjoyed the maneuverings that followed. I never understood them a This was a badly written book.

And that’s what makes me a bit hesitant to try another Laura Lee Guhrke. View all 19 comments.

On the flip side, I totally empathized with Viola as well. I did give it a chance, read some, then skimmed.

And that, my dear friends, is a big no-no in my book. I haven’t read this one though I have it in the TBR pile.

Gossamer Obsessions: “The Marriage Bed,” by Laura Lee Guhrke

But she had a damn good idea about going to American and starting a new life and I think she had other options, like Anthony her brother could have easily stopped her income just to spite her husband and leave him broke, buying women jewelry with HER MONEY So, Viola is perfect for him. As a person going with the flow. X Tell us more about the marriage bed by laura lee guhrke you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

And maybe some other things.

The Marriage Bed

Also in a age in which no woman wanted to carry an unwanted child every widow ,mistress, courtesan etc, that indulged in sexual exploits used something to exceed blood flow and stop pregnancies. I admit that that Hero was a hard sell. The marriage bed by laura lee guhrke was in love with him guhroe he was good-looking, sexy and an absolute charmer. Year Year Maybe his repentance for his womanising ways was required, but not as clubbed together with his realization of his feelings for the h.

She fell for him so quickly and so completely the first time that she knows it’s only too easy to do so again. As the ton make bets on whether this famously estranged couple will reconcile, John and Viola must face all their past mistakes – and try not to make them all over again. And she took it. John with wine and women. John and Viola, Lord and Lady Hammond, have lived apart for going on nine years at the start of the book.

On every single page, the hero says things about how “we” hurt the marriage, when I would have said “you” to Viola. With Marriagge Marriage Bedthe the marriage bed by laura lee guhrke storyline could have easily been a miss of epic proportions, but thanks to some fantastic characterization, we get a hit instead. By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services.

Until one day, John finally came to his senses and prayed it wasn’t too late to win back the love of his very own wife. Both appeared briefly in the company of their mutual friends in His Every Kiss and presumably Guilty Pleasures as well, but never together.

Of course, this is why they are so dreamy vy read about. Aug 13, Heather rated it did not like it Shelves: Mass Market PB E-book. It’s all very suitable in his mind. I didn’t like this book until, oh, the last hundred pages or so. Yes, the hero is a rogue. That would be a start! On the other hand, there are times when fiction crosses the lines and becomes pure fantasy. He was taking blame from page one.